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43 Division News

By Marylin Hodge

posted Oct 2014

 News from 43 Division

As compared to last year, break and enter crimes are up by 43% this past summer, but   robberies were not as bad as last year. Cell phones and jewelery accounted for most of the robberies. Vehicle thefts were up by 16%.  Unfortunately, there was one fatality due to an extremely dangerous act by a 31 year old male. 

Distracted drivers will be a focus of 43 Division officers.  Distracted drivers cause more accidents than drunk drivers. Please don’t drink and drive or talk and text when driving. The life you save might be your own or that of a loved one.

Call 911- Emergency - for a crime in progress or 416-808-2222 for Non – Emergency, such as someone suspicious walking up to homes and cars trying the doors.

The 911 Communication Centre now receives 6400 calls per day. Last year, they received one million calls, 4,577 of which were in one of the 22 languages that they can translate. Go to www.torontopoliceguide.ca for the languages.

When you call 911, please be prepared to answer the following 5 questions.

Where?  What?  When?  Who? (Give a description.)  Weapons?

Please Note - Pocket Dials and 911 hang-up calls account for 20% of 911 calls’ volume. Please lock your phone and, if you call 911 by mistake, please don’t hang up. Tell the  operator that your call was by mistake and then hang up. The operators are obligated to follow-up on all calls and, by not saying that your call was by mistake, they are trying to contact you and valuable critical time is wasted.

News from 43 CPLC - Family Skate Day – November 14, 2014 from 12:00 noon – 2:00 pm at Heron Park Recreation Center.  This is a PA Day for all TDSB and TCDSB elementary and secondary students. Used skates for children and youth can be dropped at the front desk of 43 division starting October 1st.  Adult sizes are in high demand.

Marilyn Hodge – Co-Chair, 43 CPLC


On Halloween night for the past several years, the Toronto Police Service receives numerous calls about children having their candy taken from them by groups, whose express purpose for being out on Halloween night is to steal the candy from the younger Trick or Treaters.

If candy or any other property is taken from your child, accompanied by force or threats of force, it is a "ROBBERY" AS DEFINED UNDER THE CRIMINAL CODE OF CANADA.  Please immediately report any incident of this nature to the police. The biggest cause of injury to children on Halloween night are traffic accidents. Please drive carefully.










posted June 2014



  • Please Be Careful

  • School has started and there are more children and youth on our streets.  Parking will once again become an issue and is particularly evident around our local schools.  Please do not use the ‘no stopping or no parking’ zones in the vicinity of schools. Your vehicle will be ticketed and towed.  Please do not double park to load or discharge children from your vehicle or let children out of cars on the road side.  This practice places children in the dangerous position of crossing a lane of traffic without seeing or being seen by other motorists. Please help to keep your children and the children of others safe. (Excepts from TPS Parking Enforcement Unit brochure)


  • Residents are urged to report all incidents of crime and suspicious people and activities to police, regardless of how minor they might seem at the time.  Please remind the youth and young adults in your family to always be aware of their surroundings and report all thefts of iPods, cell phones, Tablets, etc. to police.   By reporting all of these incidents, you are helping the police solve crimes, which in turn help to make our community safer.


Non - Emergency - Call 416-808-2222 OR to submit information and reports go to Citizen Online Report Entry at www.torontopolice.on.ca/prime/core.php


EMERGENCY- Call 9-1-1


            Toronto Police Service receives 2 million 9-1-1 calls a year.

            Two hundred thousand of these calls are pocket calls, which must be answered.


  • Check out the 43 Division Facebook site to get some great crime prevention tips and to find out about special events that are happening to make our community a friendly, safe place to live.   The 43 Division Auxiliary officers and the 43 CPLC also have a Facebook page, so please visit these 2 sites as well.


  • Gently Used Skates Are Needed

  • If you have any skates for children and youth, please consider donating them to the 43 CPLC Skate Day. There is always a need for the large ladies and men’s skates as well.  Skates can be dropped off at 43 Division any time after October 1, 2014.

  • Look for the Skate Day date and location on the CCRA website and/or in the October Newsletter.


             Marilyn Hodge - Co-Chair, 43 CPLC