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43 Division News

By Marylin Hodge

posted June 2014



News from 43 Division – June 2014 News

- 52 % of collisions investigated resulted in property damage and were caused by people not paying attention, being in a hurry and speeding. Please slow down and obey speed limits.

- 43 Division has a Speed Board that records daytime speeders and Auxiliary officers move it around the Division.

-  In 2013, starting in July, there were 6 fatalities.

-  Front Door Break and Enters – There is an 80% reduction, if you buy and install a 

    large door plate with 3 inch screws for $10.00.  

- Street Robberies of cell phones increase this time of year. Be aware of your    surroundings.

- Auto Thefts – Plazas are target rich areas – Lock your car and hide your belongings.


Crime Statistics

There is a 3% reduction overall.

Sexual Assault (up 15%), Assault (down 7%), Robberies (down 44%), B& E (up 53%), Auto Theft (up 1%), Theft Over (up 2%)

Crime Trends – Eastern Europe gold chain grab

Furnace – door-to-door telling you that your furnace isn’t up-to-code. Don’t believe it and don’t let them in your home.

To Register Your Bike and To Read Bike Rules of the Road, go to www.torontopolice.on.ca. To Protect Your Bike - Use an approved chain and padlock whenever you are not on the seat! Lock it to the garage - with a 3/8" x 6" eye screw fastened to a stud. The eye screw should be at least 3 feet above the floor, because this makes using a pry bar much more difficult. Whenever you lock your bike in a public place, chain it to a secure rack through the frame and a wheel. Keep the chain as high above the ground as the bike will allow. This reduces the leverage for a pry bar or bolt cutter attack.


Passport Canada:  Lost passports are now to be reported directly to Passport Canada; stolen passports are to be reported to police. 


If you are calling the police, tell them the following information:

o   Location of occurrence;

o   What is happening;

o   When it took place;

o   Who is involved;

o   Whether there are weapons;

o   Whether there are witnesses


The 43 Division Auxiliary Officers are #1 in Toronto – They working hard and have visited 127 businesses offering crime prevention tips. 

Look for their Bike Safety Day Flyer on the CCRA website. (Sunday May 25, 2014 in the parking lot of the Seventh Day Adventist Church across from the 43 Division station)


Have a safe and happy summer.  Marilyn Hodge – Co-Chair, 43 CPLC


43 Division CPLC Community Picnic and Open House May 2014


The 9th Annual 43 Division Community Picnic and Open House held on May 10th at 43 Division was another successful event, thanks to the support of community volunteers and local businesses.  Approximately 1400 - 1500 residents attended and enjoyed the free refreshments, entertainment, activities and the opportunity to talk to the numerous police and auxiliary officers in attendance.  


As always, the financial support of the CCRA, WRCA and Tatham, Pearson & Malcolm LLP, Barristers and Solicitors was very much appreciated. The contributions from the Centennial plaza’s CupCakery and Najiba’s Hair Salon as well as the Optimist Club’s donation of the cotton candy, popcorn and snow cone machines and the supplies were a big hit with all of the visitors.


CPLC member, Joseph Khargie, was the MC and, with the assistance of his students DJs, did an exceptional job supplying and operating the sound system and DJing. Mike Marks, a CPLC member, once again, rounded out the musical entertainment with his Soprano Seniors Steele Band.  The Scarborough Boys and Girls Club thrilled young and old alike with their skills on their skateboards and the East Scarborough Storefront did a great job assisting at the BBQ and/or face-painting may faces. Everyone loved the Native Child & Family Tipi and the little ones loved the Bouncy Castle and the Go Transit Display.


There were several new displays this year including the Insurance Bureau of Canada Simulator (Distracted Driving), the Shutter Box Mobile Photo Booth, and Famous Movie Cars including the Police Car BARRICADE from the Movie Transformers and the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Thanks are extended to CCRA residents Rich Cornwall, John Hodge, Beth and Dave Wilmot, and CPLC member, Kelly Duggan as well to West Rouge residents, Pauline Dharmaraj, Alok  and Chirag Jain and to West Rouge CPLC members Jey Dharmaraj, Rudy Kirpal and to other 43 Division CPLC members and residents.


Thanks are also extended to Superintendent Mark Fenton, Inspector Art Little, S/Sgt. Peter Moreira, PCs Randy Arsenault, Julie Campbell, Paul Rowe, Guy Service and David Stinson and CRU Clerk, Donna Wood,  as well to all of the many police and auxiliary officers of 43 Division for all of their ongoing support and assistance in everything that the CPLC does.  We couldn’t do what we do, without their support.

Marilyn Hodge – Co-Chair, 43 CPLC