Distribution report

March 2017


CCRA Centennial News Distribution

By Wanda Wierzbicki

It takes less than an hour per month to deliver the CCRA Centennial News to the homes of your neighbours. It is a wonderful way to get some exercise and meet people in the community.

High school students can receive one volunteer hour for every month that they deliver the CCRA Centennial News.  Students, who begin delivering the paper in Grade 9 and continue until Grade 12, will receive 40 volunteer hours, which meets the requirement to graduate.

The CCRA Centennial News is currently looking for a delivery carrier for the following streets:
Langevin – 48 homes (North of Lawrence / East of Centennial Road)
Kilsyth Drive – 48 homes (North of Lawson / West of Port Union)

A warm welcome is extended to two new CCRA Centennial News carriers. They have volunteered to deliver to the 83 homes on Vessel Cres. and the 31 homes on Lawrence Ave.  Welcome to the team and thank you for volunteering!  

If you are interested in delivering the CCRA News, please contact Wanda via email at distribution@ccranews.com or by phone at 416-282-2951.

See street map below.

CCRA Centennial News distribution map