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Who We Are

by Patricia Cruickshank

Founded in 1949 and incorporated in 1950 the Centennial Community and Recreation Association (CCRA) celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 1999 making it one of the oldest continuing community organizations in the GTA.

William Dempsey was the founding President and in his own words outlined the purpose of the CCRA:



 “From the beginning in 1949 there have been people of vision and conviction who have stood firm in the cause of the Centennial Community and Recreation Association. Community improvement, preservation of the environment, clean air, open space, the recognition of sound land use development principles aimed at keeping characteristics of the early community, recreation facilities and programs to meet the needs of the people of all ages are continuing objectives.

 The creation of something better, rather than acceptance of something less worthy remains the watchword.”



 The Association is operated by an elected board of directors, from the Centennial Community, who volunteer their time.  The executive meet the first Tuesday of each month, excluding July and August, to carry out the Association’s operations. 

 For over 57 years the CCRA has represented the Centennial Community in all aspects that affect the community. Throughout the years the Association has been a leading force in many local projects and has been an active voice for their communities needs.  Among the many varied activities carried out through those years has included attending Ontario Municipal Board Hearings, to prevent a large developer encroaching on public park space, the creation of the William Alexander Dempsey Eco Park to preserve the waters of the Centennial Creek, maintaining the Wanita TDSB lands as green space.  For many years, members of the CCRA lobbied and worked tirelessly to bring the newly opened Port Union Waterfront to its existence.  as part of the Working Implementation Committee formed in 2004 to assist with public meetings and events, review designs and communicate project information to the community. The CCRA has been instrumental in organizing public forums to hear debates from candidates during election campaigns.

 The CCRA has actively organized and sponsored a great number of special events, including the annual Winterfest, Heritage Day Parade, Jazzfest Summer Concert Series, and Earthday activities.

 Annual membership campaigns raise thousands of dollars for the CCRA and are possible only because of the efforts of hundreds of Centennial residents who canvass their neighbours year after year. Money raised by the CCRA is used within the Centennial community to sponsor sports clubs like the dragon boat team, kids' activities and scholarship awards.  But the CCRA needs your support to continue.  You can use the Membership Form on this month’s cover to sign up for 2007 membership and either mail the form in or drop it off at Winterfest on January 27th at the Port Union Community Centre.

The CCRA By-laws require that an Annual General Meeting of the Association be held each October to elect an executive.  The term of office for each election is one year.  To elect members a quorum of 25 voting members must be present.  In 2005 and 2006 elections for the CCRA could not be held because there were less than 25 voting members present.   The Association is in need of new members and be able to carry out elections.  Any association requires new members to continue to have fresh ideas, new energy and survive.  Is this the year you get involved in your community and come out to see what being a member of the CCRA is all about?  The CCRA needs your ideas, support and enthusiasm.  Help keep the CCRA healthy and active for another 57 years!



Where We Are




The Centennial Community  in south-east Toronto is bounded by Highway 2A, Port Union Road, Lake Ontario, and Highland Creek.



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