Joseph Pileggi: October 1998

On October 29, 1998 at 7:00 p.m. at the Port Union Rec. Centre we shall be having our annual general meeting. Everyone is invited to attend. Anyone interested in joining the executive please give me a call or show up. We are always in need of volunteers for such committees as membership, news distribution, advertising, jazz festival coordination, firework display and whatever else we can think of.

At the same time and date we will be having a public meeting to discuss local roads and transportation issues. The Executive is always receiving complaints about cars driving too fast along Lawson and the back streets; the need for a four way stop at Lawson Rd and Meadowvale; the need for stop lights at Charlottetown and Lawrence, and Lawrence and East Ave. Hopefully we are not going to have to have a few disasters before action is taken.

To augment the meeting we have a Police Officer from Traffic and a City of Toronto transportation expert to explain to us what we can do to try to rectify problem areas. I can hardly wait to learn what a "warrant" is. It is these elusive little things - "warrants" which determine what is or is not going to be remediated.

One major change since our last transportation public meeting is the amalgamation of Metro and Scarborough. Before amalgamation, the politicians used to argue back and forth as to who had what responsibility since some roads were controlled by Metro and others by Scarborough. Now there are no excuses - the obligation to resolve problems is all under one political umbrella.

Oh yeah: we still have the Meadowvale issue. I would suggest though, with the most recent improvements to Hwy 2A the chances of Meadowvale being extended north is quite remote. Regardless, it is in desperate need of repair and probably should be retro-fitted with sidewalks. Pedestrians are at risk while walking along the road.

Last, but not least the Ontario Municipal Board has set Feb. 22, 1999, as the Manson factory land development hearing. The hearing will last approximately 6 weeks and afterwards there will be a further environmental hearing because of the site being contaminated with asbestos. All in all with preparation, pre-hearings, and meetings, this will be close to a six-month endeavour on my part. It is therefore impossible for me to handle the hearing and my duties as President. I shall therefore not be seeking re-election and simply concentrating on the Manson Factory Hearing.

Best wishes .........