Gay Cowbourne: March 1999


I've heard it said that people get bored during the cold months of January and February. Obviously those people don't live in this community where there always seems to be something going on.

After the weeks of snow shovelling and bitterly cold weather in early January, the weather finally cooperated and provided blue skies and sunshine at this year's Winterfest on January 30. It was perfect: cold enough for the snow to stay crisp and white but warm enough to enjoy the many outdoor activities. The hot chocolate, apple cider, burgers and hot dogs kept everybody warm enough to enjoy a wagon ride or a visit to Hawks Shadow and his tepee. Inside the community centre, the wood carvers, zoo exhibit and facepainters were kept busy all day while Moms, Dads and grandparents visited with friends and neighbours. As one person said to me "I really enjoy these community events because I always meet up with people that I haven't seen for years." Several clowns wandered inside and out. Their balloon animals, magic tricks and "Hugs not Drugs" stickers for the older kids brought extra smiles to many faces.

As this Newsletter goes to press, the first phase of the Ontario Municipal Board Hearing into the Manson land begins. A decision was made to divide the planning and environmental issues into two separate phases. The first will deal only with the planning issues. The CCRA's position is that the proposed developer, Yellow Moon, must adhere to the City's Official Plan. We contend that the areas previously designated as park and school property must not be reduced in size. Anybody who is involved with outdoor sports teams knows that there is a drastic shortage of space in this area. The Hearing is expected to last about three weeks. We will be sure to keep you informed.

On March 30th, the CCRA is hosting a "Welcome to the Community" evening at Mowat. This is a great opportunity for all of our new neighbours to find out what a wonderful place you've just moved to.

April is fast approaching and with it the CCRA's annual "50's" Dance on Saturday April 10. If you haven't been to one of these dances, you really are missing out on a fun, local evening! Great DJ music and a buffet dinner is included in the $20 ticket price. Call Tony Lamanna or Joan Gruchy for more information. (See page 3 for phone #s)

I know it's hard to think about Summer while we are still shovelling snow, but for several months the CCRA Executive has been busy discussing warm summer day events. Volunteers are working on the Heritage Day Parade as well as our first 10K Fun Run event with age groupings for the whole family. Watch out for more details.

Finally, the Centennial Community has recently been featured in several newspaper articles. A Scarborough Mirror article on Jan 15, outlined and praised the creation of the William Dempsey Ecological Park and the opportunities it will provide for local wildlife to proliferate. This was followed by a delightful front page photograph of two deer in a local garden in the Feb. 5 edition. (About this time, an avid local walker disturbed a deer while she was walking on the Highland Creek Trail, south of Lawrence and I spotted a pair of foxes skating across the ice covered Wanita Park.) David Soknacki's article of January 17, praised the CCRA Website and encouraged people to visit it. All of this coverage was positive and it demonstrated aspects of the Centennial community which make us proud to call it home. However, Jean Somner's column in the January 23 Toronto Sun was not so enthusiastically received. Many of us who read Ms. Somner's insensitive column knew the young people she referred to. They were our neighbours and a part of this community. Our children were their classmates and their friends. We share the grief and pain of their families as together we mourn the loss of these young lives.