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Posted June 2014

Kyle Yin



Highland Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Biosolids Management Update


Public Consultation

The first of two Public Information Centres (PICs) will take place on June 16, 2014 from
2:00 pm - 8:00 pm at the Royal Canadian Legion, Highland Creek Branch, 45 Lawson Rd. City staff and the consulting team will be present to answer questions and discuss the next steps in the process.


You can view the Notice of Study Commencement here.


If you have any questions or comments or would like to be added to the study mailing list, please contact:

Josie Franch, Public Consultation Unit

City of Toronto, Metro Hall

55 John St., 19th Fl., Toronto, ON M5V 3C6

Tel: 416-392-4688; Fax: 416-392-2974

TTY: 416-338-0889

E-mail: biosolids@toronto.ca

Visit: toronto.ca/hctpbiosolidsea


Highland Creek Biosolids Management

The new Schedule B Environmental Assessment for Biosolids Management at the Highland Creek Sewage Treatment Plant (HCTP) started in April.

The City have signed a contract with the consulting firm CIMA Canada, Inc., who have undertaken the study on behalf of the City. The term of the contract is from April 2014 to December 2015.

This Environmental Assessment will cover environmental, economic, social and health concerns when examining all methods of disposing of the biosolids (sewage sludge) from the HCTP, located at the bottom of Beechgrove Road, where the Highland Creek empties into Lake Ontario.

The new EA will allow a more detailed assessment to be done for the biosolids management options at the Highland Creek plant, and will include:

         the evaluation of all viable biosolids management options including new technologies that have been developed in recent years,

         the development of a short list of the most promising options,

         a specific Health Impact Assessment (HIA) that will be overseen by Toronto Public Health,

         a Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIA) of air emissions for the short listed options, to be overseen by the Toronto Energy and Environment Office,

         development of a comparative assessment process for the shortlisted options, taking into consideration environmental, social, HIA results, CIA results and financial factors, to develop a best overall approach in selecting a biosolids management strategy for the HCTP,

         consultation with the public, the community surrounding the treatment plant, and a broad range of stakeholders, to keep them informed, and to better understand public concerns and values, so they can be reflected in the evaluation of options,

         preparation of a final detailed stand-alone report that brings together the information presented in the technical memoranda.

We urge you to be available to attend community meetings, when they are advertised or to respond to surveys when requested.

We recently learned that we should expect the first public meetings to be held in June.

A website is in development and should be live later this year. If you wish to be kept informed as the study progresses, please email CCRA at news4ccra@gmail.com and ask to be added to our e-news distribution list.