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Posted Feb 2014

Kyle Yin

February 2014 Conservation Report

On January 13, the CCRA attended the Highland Creek Treatment Plant Neighbourhood Liaison Committee (HCTP NLC) meeting at 43 Division. Below is a summary of key updates provided at the meeting by City staff.

Biosolids Management Environmental Assessment: Update

Due in part to the efforts of the CCRA, members of the liaison committee and other community associations (with over 1,800 petitions submitted), Council voted in November 2013 to reverse its decision to truck sludge at the treatment plant and instead begin a new environmental assessment. Thank you again to residents who supported the CCRA’s efforts. This is a wonderful result. The process will now restart from the beginning and assess all methods of disposal of sludge at the plant, including new methods and technologies that have been created since the last environmental assessment was completed in 2009.

City staff advised that the deadline to submit a Request for Proposal (RFP)for the environmental assessment expired on Friday, January 10. Three proposals from consultants were received. These proposals will be reviewed by City staff over the next month. A proposal will be selected by staff by early March, after which the recommended proposal will go for approval by City Council’s Bid Committee.

The environmental assessment will include an assessment of air, soil and water as well as a health impact study conducted independently by Toronto Public Health. It is expected that the environmental assessment will take one year to complete. Once a consultant has been selected to begin the environmental assessment, City staff will work with the consultant to identify opportunities for public consultation. It is expected that there will be two public meetings as part of the environmental assessment. The CCRA strongly supports the need for full public consultation in the environmental assessment.

The CCRA will continue to provide updates as the environmental assessment process gets underway.

Visit http://www.toronto.ca/wes/techservices/involved/wws/highnlc/ for more information.

Odour Control Project

At present, odour control measures have been put in place to reduce odour coming from the plant. In 2013, city staff received three odour complaints. Worst-case scenarios through modelling have odour units ranging from 40 odour units in areas directly surrounding the plant to only 2.5 units in areas furthest away from the plant. These odour units are in most cases not noticeable to the average person.

To further reduce odour units and levels, city staff have embarked on an odour control project. A consultant has been hired and has developed a plan to reduce odour levels to 2.5 to 5 units in a worst-case scenario (e.g. a hot summer day). This project will begin in Summer 2014 and finish in Fall 2017. The improvements will be compatible with whichever method Council chooses to pursue to process sludge at the plant (e.g. incineration, trucking etc.). The project will cost $70 million.