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St Brendan

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Sir Oliver Mowat

Posted April 14


Relay For Life – Sir Oliver Mowat CI

Relay for Life is a 12-hour event to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society, and to raise awareness about cancer, that will be held at Sir Oliver Mowat CI on Thursday May 22nd, from 9:00 am until 9:00 pm.  The event is an inspirational and motivational journey to show our support for cancer survivors, our dedication to remember those we have lost to cancer, and our promise to fight back to raise awareness about cancer.  The slogan of Relay for Life is: Celebrate, Remember, Fight Back.

Everyone is encouraged to be part of Relay for Life.  People are encouraged to join as part of a team of 10.  The purpose of the event is to have one person from each team walking the track for the duration of the entire event.  Teams can decide to have 1 person walk for 1 lap, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour, etc, and then tag in another partner.  As long as one person from each team is walking at all times, the event will be a success. 

Celebrate:The day begins at 9:00 with an Opening Ceremony and a Survivor Lap.  It is important to begin the day with a celebration of all cancer survivors.  A survivor is anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, even if they are still fighting.  We celebrate our survivors by having them walk the first lap of the day, and we follow it with a lap by all participants, following behind our survivors.  The symbolism of this is to show our survivors that we all have their backs.  We are there to support them even in the darkest of times and that they always have someone to depend on. 

Fight Back: Throughout the day, teams are encouraged to have at least one member of each team walking the track.  In parallel to a cancer survivor’s journey, there is always lots of support at the beginning, and lots of people walking the track.  As the fight/day goes on, people wane in their support and dedication.  It is important to show our loved ones undergoing cancer treatment that we are there to support them, every step of the way.  It is also important that we continue our relay throughout the day, even when we get tired. 

There will be a variety of events throughout the day to show our support and dedication.  Some possibilities include: a movie, a talent show, a student-teacher sporting event, a Tour De France, a yoga session, and themed laps.

There will be food available for lunch and dinner.  Participants who raise over $100 will be given a special colour wrist-band and will receive both lunch and dinner for free.  All other participants will be charged for these meals.  Of course, all proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society. 

Remember:The event ends at 9:00 pm.  We start wrapping things up at approximately 8:00 pm, when there will be a Luminary Ceremony to remember those who have fought cancer.  Participants are encouraged to purchase a Luminary Bag for $5, which they can dedicate and decorate for a loved one who has survived or succumbed to cancer.  All Luminary Bags will be lit up with a tea light and a special ceremony and lap will be held for those we want to remember during this special time.  We conclude the day with a Closing Ceremony and some final thoughts. 

We are encouraging all members of the student body, staff, and surrounding community to take part.  If you are interested in getting involved as a survivor, volunteer, participant, or donor, please contact Lindsay Craig at lindsay.craig@tdsb.on.ca

Register or join a team! Registration forms are available at Port Union Community Centre or on the CCRA website here.

You can also register online at  www.relayforlife.ca/sirolivermowatci


Joseph Howe Senior Public School


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Charlottetown Junior Public School



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