Port Union Cares promotes World Refugee Day

port union cares
Port Union Cares would like to thank the Mowat Art Club students and supervisor for painting these adorable donation boxes. Watch for the boxes in local stores this summer.

June 2017


By Kim Deighton

Tuesday, June 20 marks World Refugee Day, and Port Union Cares, a local refugee sponsorship group from the Port Union-Centennial neighbourhood, is calling for your support. Our goal is simple --- to provide refugees with a new home and renewed hope, one family at a time. With your help, and the help of like-minded people in this great community, we can make a difference.

How can you help? In honour of World Refugee Day, show that you care by donating to the Port Union Cares refugee sponsorship fund.  Donating is easy --- simply visit our website, www.portunioncares.com for details. Tax receipts can be provided for donations of $20 or more.

Your donation goes directly to the support of a refugee family in their important first year in Canada.  Readers who have followed the progress of Port Union Cares in this newsletter over the past year know that we have been supporting a Syrian family of four --- parents and their twin 12-year-old daughters. We continue to raise funds for the sponsorship of a second family in need.

Refugee families are families like our own. Yet, forced to flee persecution, war or violence, they leave behind their homes, their friends and family ties, their hopes and their dreams. The United Nations World Refugee Day is a day dedicated to raising awareness of their heart-breaking situation. The magnitude of the refugee crisis is staggering. More than 60 million people are displaced worldwide. A problem of this scale can only be managed when each country, each community, each individual steps forward to share the load.

Together we can show that our caring community has the capacity and the generosity of spirit to help. Your donation may seem like a small gesture, but to those individuals you help support, it may mean the world.